Unisex Shower Chair Cape

Price: $20.00
Brand:  Gericare
Product Code:  GC-6
Availability:  In Stock

Extra length for full discretion

  • Durable polycotton fabric
  • Jumbo length is a standard feature
  • Provides full privacy for residents going to and from the bathroom
  • Designed by experienced O.H & S personnel
  • They are longer in the middle sections for full privacy and shorter both
    sides to prevent getting caught by the chair’s wheels during movement
  • Available in male or female prints
  • One size fits all

Because our suppliers frequently change the prints they offer, the illustrations in this website were chosen to show a typical variety - not a specific available print. If you have colour preferences (or dislikes), please indicate them on you order form.

For a further description of garments in the size you are seeking, please call us or e-mail us for current stock availability (stock, colours and prints).